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Referral Program

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New Features?

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Referral Program

Our new system can track when you send links to your friends. If your friends make a purchase you will earn 5% from them and 3% from friends' referrals! 


Rewards/Points Center

What can you do with those points? Use them to purchase special items or save money from ANY purchase. (Excluding some sale or groubuy items)

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I liked the website, but the miniapp is way faster! Thanks!
Subject Expert Teacher @ Basis International School Hangzhou
It's clear and easy to use. I'll be sharing this with my teacher friends for sure!
John Doe
Homeschool Mom
Loved it and the clarity is awesome and there are so many new products to choose from.
John Doe
XDF teacher
This makes this much easier for me. I like how it saves the address after the first time.
John Doe
CIS Purchaser

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