I’m Brandy, an American living and teaching in China since 2006. Since the early days, I’ve always wanted to create something to help teachers, because when I arrived, there was VERY little support, and no strong online groups or sites either!

In 2013, WeChat groups were NOT a place to get help. Full of spam, agents, and hateful discussions, I got fed up, and decided to make a better place for teachers to REALLY help each other. At the same time, I started buying more products for the students at my own training center. When others asked about these things, I sent links. But there was no easy way if you didn’t know the ins & outs of online shopping in Chinese. So I started a small FREE service but as more and more people needed help, I realized I needed staff to help.

Then, TeachersHouse was born! 

Since I’m a teacher, my main goal was never to make money but instead to get BETTER deals direct from factories and pass on the savings to other teachers! 

From a small WeChat group to a beautiful website where teachers can browse in English and use WeChat or Alipay, with friendly customer service, we will continue to work hard to make life easier for you in China!

Now we are a small team, funded by sales from this shop, that contribute to many great projects such as:

  1. Building a Library via TheLibraryProject
  2. Valuable, High Quality WeChat groups for networking
  3. Giving teachers a platform and a voice for their articles and products!

Our MAIN Mission:

To help teachers, schools, and parents (the most important educators of all!) to find the resources and services they needed to grow as educators and live more comfortably in China.