How to Teach an Online Class – High School Edition

How to Teach an Online Class – High School Edition

Last week, we had an overwhelming reponse to our article How to Teach an Online Class in 12 Easy Steps (if you missed it, you can catch up here –  How To Teach an Online Class in 12 Easy Steps)

We received many requests for an easy-to-follow guide for older students. The problem is that classes for older students vary so much that there really isn’t a one size fits all format that you can follow. An online class focusing on reading comprehension is going to follow a very different format to one focused on speaking practice.

But, we didn’t want to disappoint so we’ve dug deep and have found some amazing resources that you can use in different older student classes.

Listening Skills  This podcast is is an engaging way for your students to learn real English and connect with native speakers online. The epsiodes are free and can be listened to repeatedly. Assign an episode as pre-class tasks, have the students highlighted sections they didn’t understand or want to discuss and use this as your lesson guide.

Real English  is an extensive online video library of spontaneous dialogues of people interviewed in English-speaking countries, organized according to traditional functional, lexical and grammatical criteria despite the obvious spontaneity of the interviews. They also have a range of corresponding activities based on the videos that can be used in class or as homework.

Reading Skills

Breaking News English has new lessons uploaded every two days based on a very current news story. Lessons are graded into seven levels. Each level has a multi-speed reading and listening component, 30+ online activities, a 40-page printable handbook and a 2 page mini-lesson.

Video Content

Simple English Videos is a site jam packed with a huge range of videos covering all areas of English – idioms, differences between American and British English, comedy, popular songs and stories. You will need to jump the firewall to see the videos but the site and downloading is free once you register.

Other Cool Stuff

Off2Class is pretty much a one-stop-shop when it comes to online lessons. It has sections for IELTS, TOEFL, Business English, a student placement test (for private students) and areas to assign and track homework and progress. Yes, it is subscription based but there’s a 30 day free trial and once you subscribe, there’s no limits on use.

Textivate is a really cool site that we stumbled across. Input any passage of text and it will generate up to 55 online activites directly from that text. Perfect for online classes. There is a subscription cost but well worth the price for the content you can create.

Online classes are here to stay and these are just a few of the great resources available for you and your students. We’d love to hear if you’ve used these in class or of any other great resources you’ve found.

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