Genius Online STEM Class Ideas

Genius Online STEM Class Ideas

Online English class? No problem.

Online Math class? Let’s get to it!

Online Physics lab? Ye……what??!!

Moving to online teaching is a new experience for teachers and students but this is an ideal time for everyone to engage in some creativity and critical thinking. 

We’ve scoured all the available resources on the internet and in the Teacher’s House library, searching for easy, fun and engaging lesson ideas.  Here are our top picks for at-home experiments.

Egg Drop Challenge

The Science Bit: force, momentum, inertia, velocity, gravity

Experiment:  design a container that would let the eggs survive a 2-3 story drop

Required Items: an egg, construction materials (straws, sponge, cotton balls, paper, string, tape, napkins)

Stanford University Egg Drop Lesson Plan

Yoyos and Fidget Spinners

The Science Bit: centripetal force, velocity

Experiment: measure the centripetal force of different toys (yoyos, fidget spinners, diablos)

Required Equipment: yoyo, fidget spinner, spinning toy

Sample Project Lesson Plan

Balance It Out

The Science Bit: leverage, moment of torque

Experiment: balancing items on a fulcrum, predict outcomes based on fulcrum location

Required Equipment: ruler, blocks, items to test balance

Fulcrum Experiment 

The Broom Challenge

The Science Bit: balance, gravity

Experiment: Can a broom stand up by itself? Why? What else can?

Required Equipment: a broom

Other Cool Balance and Gravity Experiments to Try

Sink or Float?

The Science Bit: density

Experiment: Predict household items that will sink or float in different liquids

Required Equipment: a bucket or vase, items to sink/float

Sink or Float Step-by-Step Guide

See How They Run

The Science Bit: viscosity

Experiment: which liquids at home are more viscous?

Required Equipment: a flat plate, common household liquids (oil, sauces, detergent), timer

Explore Viscosity Here

We’re itching to try some of these experiments for ourselves. Let us know how your experiment went.

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