Dear Aunt Elsa – Summer Camp, HELP!!

Dear Aunt Elsa – Summer Camp, HELP!!

Dear Aunt Elsa,

My school want to run a summer camp and have asked me to organize it. Where do I start?

Summertime Blues


Dear Summertime Blues,

Fantastic! Summer Camp can be a fun filled and enjoyable experience for both students and teachers alike, with a little pre-planning. Here are my top tips for a memorable Summer Camp experience.

Teach Something New – Use Summer Camp as a chance to explore topics a little deeper or brand-new topics that aren’t covered in the regular curriculum.

Dinosaurs – Explore the world of dinosaurs, hold a dinosaur dig with a sandpit and hidden dinosaur ‘bones’, make paper-mâché dinosaurs or hold a dinosaur stomp dance party.

Cooking – There are dozens of kid friendly, easy to make, no bake recipes out there to keep little hands and minds occupied. Don’t forget that cooking incorporates language, math, science, social skills – your students will be learning without realizing it.

Excursions – Take a trip to the local museum, art gallery, pizza store, or even the movies – there’s heaps of kid friendly movies released during summer, and the cinemas are air-conditioned.

Class Play – Find a simple play (or help your students write their own!), source costumes, make scenery and props then present on the final day for parents and grandparents.

Life Size Art – Create some unique, life size art with your students. Tape together large sheets of butcher’s or construction paper, lie the student down with a crayon in each hand – a life size Spirograph!

Outdoor Class – Plan to hold your lessons outside! Find a big shady tree in the local park, pack a picnic lunch and hold story time on blankets in the shade. Bonus tip: have everyone lie down and try and find shapes in the clouds – you’ll have kids napping before you know it!

Water Carnival – Not all your students will know how to swim so hold a fun filled water carnival instead. Dunking for apples, water balloon catch, fill the bucket relay races, shaving cream Twister – the possibilities are endless!

A ball of kitchen sponges makes a splash!
Shaving cream Twister

Summer Camp is the perfect way to show that learning can be fun and doesn’t need to be confined to the classroom or in front of a PPT.

PS. We’d love to hear your suggestions for Summer Camp. Let us know in the comments below.

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