Activity Spotlight: Where is my Breath?

Activity Spotlight: Where is my Breath?

Lorna Jutton LunaMindfulness3/18

Translated by Flora Dou

The series “Activity Spotlight” will introduce you to fun and easy ways to share mindfulness with your children in the classroom or at home. Through breathing exercises, mindful games and crafts, you can find moments of stillness and reflection to help your children focus and grow their awareness.

在这一系列的“活动聚焦” 中我将介绍和分析如何用简单的方法在家里或者在教室里和你的孩子们进行正念。通过呼吸的练习,正念游戏以及绘画手工的练习可以帮助您的孩子提高注意力和提高她们对当下的意识。

Practising mindfulness as an adult has a lot to do with connecting to your breath formally in meditation as well as at times in the day that helps us to come back to the present moment. We can introduce this to our children from a young age in a number of fun and practical ways, to start them on their mindfulness journey. But first we need to go back to basics. What is the breath and where is it in our body? Watch the video below to learn how to guide your children to find and follow their breath.


As the teacher, take a deep breath in through your nose and back out. Ask your child to copy you, pointing to your nose and the direction of your breath as your breathe in and out together. Ask your child, where do you feel your breath? Is it in your nose? Can you feel it in your chest? What about your belly? They may answer you straightaway with the suitable suggestions or you may need to guide them to find their breath in their body. Take a few deep breaths together and talk about the different places they notice their breath. 


Ready for the next step? If your child can already follow their breath, see if you can count 10 breaths together. Breathe in, breathe out, 1, breathe in, breathe out, 2, breathe in, breathe out, 3, and so on. You can practise this together regularly at the same time everyday to develop focus and notice their thoughts and feelings, or at a time when they need to calm down. 


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Lorna is the founder of Luna Mindfulness, a business promoting mindfulness in education through student workshops as well as parent and teacher training. If you would like to arrange a training for your school or community, get in touch by sending an email to the following address: 

Lorna是Luna Mindfulness的创始人,致力于正念教育的推广为无数学生,家长和老师提供正念知识和培训正念方法;如果您的学校或者您的社区想了解更多关于Luna Mindfulness 可以发送您的邮件到下方邮箱。

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