DIY Touch & Feel Colour Cards – Sensorial Learning 自制感知认知颜色卡片

DIY Touch & Feel Colour Cards – Sensorial Learning 自制感知认知颜色卡片

Anna Z. 安娜 BusyMonkey2018-11-07

These cards are great for kids from toddler age and up. And the best is, these touch and feel cards did not cost much; making it a frugal teaching tool. They also were not difficult to make so anyone can easily make these.  

Make a set of touch & feel colour cards today and let the learning begin!




·        A variety of pipe cleaners

·        A variety of pompoms

·        A variety of craft foam shapes

·        Anything else you would like to add

·        Strong Glue Or Glue gun and sticks

·        Cardboard cards (about 100x100mm, I used white cardboard cards I still had at home, but you can just cut out squares from an old cardboard box)


·        各种各样的毛根

·        各种各样的毛球

·        各种各样的泡沫贴片

·        还有你想要用的材料(可以在家找找都有什么)

·        强烈的胶水或胶水枪

·        卡片(我家还有白色卡片,但你也可以用比如硬纸箱,切成小四方卡片)


First, you will want to sort your materials according to colours. Best get your kids to help with this step for a lovely educational activity. Then, cut the cards from a cardboard if you don’t have ready cardboard cards.

Plan how to place the objects before gluing it down. If you like you can also write down the colour name in the cards. Glue it down when you are satisfied with the outlay.




Touching and feeling as part of the learning process is very important: the more senses a child use, the better! Feel, see and hear (say the colour name) and learn all the colour names.


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