Game of the Week – 27th June 2019

Summer is almost upon us and everyone is either winding down for the holidays or busily preparing for summer camp. This week, Teachers House has chosen one game that can be easily used in classes of all ages and in both large and small groups.

Turtles are not always in a hurry, but even they get to be in a race to try and become the first turtle to get to the tasty salad at the other end of the field. But since turtles don’t have a lot of endurance, they like to rest once in a while – preferably on the back of another turtle so that they can get carried for a little while.

Younger Students

For younger students, simply play the game as a race. Turtles move forward or backward based on the cards in your hands. You can add keywords or structures to each card, playing hand or round.

Middle to High School

Add strategy into the game. Have students work in pairs or small groups to come up with a game strategy based on their cards and their assumptions of the other teams.

Large Groups

Assign group tasks to be completed to earn a turn at moving your turtle. You can use it as a simple race or add in the cards and strategy to make it more interesting.

Summer Camp Idea

Make a life sized turtle race track in the local park or playground. Assign teams a turtle color and work through stations to complete a move. Use a range of activities, some speaking, some physical to add some fun.

The Best Thing About This Game

Not only is this game versatile, fun, suitable for a range of ages, abilities and class sizes, it has to be the absolute best value for money resource you’ll ever find!

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