25 GREAT Games for Young Learners

25 GREAT Games for Young Learners

1. Animal upon Animal – These bright wooden pieces are great for small fingers. While practicing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, they can also enjoy learning the names of the animals! Game includes – Alligator/Crocodile, toucan/bird, sheep, snakes, monkeys, penguin, hedgehogs and lizards.

another similar game is called Zimmbos!

2. Don’t Break the Ice (The Penguin/Ice Game) – This exciting game let’s students hammer away while trying to avoid making the penguin fall down. We increased the English learning by writing the ABCs on the icecubes. See our video for more info!

3. Connect 4 – Students learn about strategy by playing this game. Add english by writing on the discs. ABCs, sightwords, or numbers.

4. Guess Who DELUXE – Usually for 2 players, but can be played by teams (so a maximum of 4 students) this game is better for 6 years and up.

5. Jenga – write letters or numbers or get the colored block version to practice even more vocabulary while learning about gravity!

6. Super Rhino – It’s like a combination of Jenga (stacking block and hoping they don’t fall) but with an UNO twist (cards that let you skip players, draw more cards, etc) The strategy of this game might be a bit difficult for younger students, but they will LOVE trying to help SuperRhino climb higher and higher!

7. Dominoes – great for practing vocabulary and matching.

8. Scrabble Jr. – modified version of Scrabble for young kids.

9. Bananagrams – This game is too difficult for young learners, but the ABC tiles are great to use in other games or activities.

10. Chicken Cha-Cha-Cha – a cute game to practice memory techniques. Can also be used to learn descriptions.

11. Hungry Dino – Be careful with this game as some 3-4 year olds may feel scared. But it’s a great game to practice learning how to take turns and simple vocabulary. You can use it when they grow up for more review/team games as well. I often feed small flashcards it.

12. Dixit – This game is not for children, but I love using the picture cards to let students review adjectives, emotions, and story telling. You will need to sort out which cards can be used for your target vocabulary.

13. Twister – The best way to practice body parts and colors. But did you ever think about writing words on the mat? Or how about putting several mats together and letting students and parents play together! Lots of possibilities with this simple game.

14. UNO – Another classic. To play with younger learners, simply take out the action cards. We recommend the H20 version (plastic cards) because they are more durable.

15. Halli Galli – Fast paced reaction style game. When kids the the appropriate number of fruit, then they ring the bell.

16. Ghosts (1, 2, 3) Several versions of another reaction game. Great for practicing the vocab words in the game and the colors.

17. Happy Bunny – all players must work together to help the bunny pick the best carrots to bring home to his family, plucking them from the box just like you would from the ground. Select them carefully because all the bitten carrots are for the bunny, while the hardworking farmer keeps the untouched ones for himself. Compare their harvests at the end of the game to see who picked the tastiest bunch!

18. Hoot Owl Hoot – a cooperative game where you try to get the owls home.

19. Qwirkle – great way to practice pattern recognition, can be used in other games, and modified for younger students.

20. Run run Turtle – basic introduction to addition and subtraction and colors.

Also similar is Running Snails

21. Sleeping Queens – best for 6 year olds who have basic game concepts down such as taking turns, practices math and lots of good vocabulary.

22. Snack attack – like bingo, but with the topic of food.

23. I spy! (Spot It!) Kaleidos or the Detective Game – finding objects faster than your classmates. or you can use a timer. adapt the game to ask them to find “words that start with.. ” to practice letters and phonics. or “which thing can go fast” to practice their thinking skills.

Similar game Macroscope

24. Charades– The cards include a picture for kids that are too young to read. You can play this with multiple levels and ages of students, so it’s perfect for summer classes, or English corners. Even works with adults as the vocabulary is for native speakers, not English learners, they will find a lot of new words!

25. Zingo – 4 different types of Bingo – Sigh words, simple vocabulary, time telling, and numbers.

Played like Bingo but easier to clean up and the physical tiles are great to use in other classroom activities.

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