Are your students bored? Give them a choice!

Are your students bored? Give them a choice!

I’d like to suggest some simple ideas…. offer something like the following selection for your students to choose from:

  • Create a slide show presentation to illustrate the major points of the chapter as if they were teachers teaching younger students.
  • Develop a newspaper article or a journalistic TV report about the chapter as if it were breaking news.
  • Prepare a debate on the chapter’s main points and pose as either politicians or lawyers presenting their persuasive arguments.
  • Write a drama about the contents of the chapter and perform it to their peers and parents.
  • Construct an encyclopedic database of vocabulary, terms, and concepts included in the chapter, as well as prior knowledge that needs to be understood, and questions that are yet to be answered.
  • Design a virtual field trip to study topics and concepts to be learned based on the content of the chapter.
  • Invite experts to visit their classroom and ask them questions about their expertise based on the content of the chapter.
  • Use the contents of the chapter to devise an experiment to prove or disprove the assertions made in the chapter.
  • Fill the walls of the classroom with essential questions gleaned from the chapter and challenge the teacher and other classes to a content quiz show.

Students will be more likely to participate if you include them in your classroom and give them projects, instead of just lectures!

Have you tried any of these ideas? What ideas work for you!

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