Adapting DIXIT in Your Classroom

Adapting DIXIT in Your Classroom

Here are some ways you can use Dixit cards in the classroom:

Some Sample Cards from Dixit

1. Have students choose a card that looks interesting and write/talk about why they like it.

Help them by writing up description words or target phrases to use.

2. Choose a few pictures and try to put them all in one story.

The more pictures you have the more difficult it is. Start with two pictures, the first is the beginning the second is the end. Work your way up to six pictures.

3. Describe and draw/write/speak

Have one student look at the picture and describe as many details as possible.

Have another (or the rest of the class) practice listening and THEN either retelling, write down, or draw what they heard described. It’s fun to see how different everyone interprets things.

4. Roll a story

Put six pictures on the board or where everyone can see (maybe make photocopies and give each student a copy? put them on a PPT and show the whole class?)

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