Free Online Resources

Free Online Resources

Finding new and engaging content for your online classes is difficult and can be time consuming, Teacher’s House have made this a little easier with this collection of free and accessibly online resources.

The Smithsonian has a collection of more than 137 million items in more than two dozen museums and research centers, everything from scientific specimens and technological wonders to artifacts of great American leaders to art, music, film and writing. Explore with a free trial video course.

Smithsonian Museum Tour

Colorations is a large American ars and craft supplier. They host a website with hundreds of education and grade specific art and craft activities.

Colorations Crafts for Kids

Everyone loves having a storybook read to them but what about a storybook being read to you by an astronaut on the International Space Station?! Story Time from Space is exactly that!

Storybooks are flown to the ISS and astronauts record themselves reading the stories aloud. These are fantastic videos and there’s also a whole curriculum available.

Storytime from Space

ABC Mouse is a program that covers reading, math, art, music and more for children aged 2-8. Their content is created by teachers and edcuation experts and they have over 10,000 learning activities available on their site. There is a 1 month free trial available.

ABC Mouse

National Geographic have an amazing website packed full of games, video and activities for children of all ages.

Nat Geo Kids

Khan Academy is devoted to providing a free, world class education to anyone, anywhere. Sign up as a teacher and assist your students through different courses.

Khan Academy

ELearning for Kids is a website that also provides free online learning for all students anywhere in the world.

ELearning for Kids

Coursera are also providing access to a wide range of courses, and they have a great range of courses available for professional development. Now is the time to improve your skill set!


These are fantastic resources but the best resource for every student is a motivated and engaged teacher. We’d love to hear how your online classes are going.

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