Make Your Halloween party a success with a TeacherTreat Box!

Make Your Halloween party a success with a TeacherTreat Box!

What is a TeacherTreat Box? It is an amazing time saving resource. We did the hard work for you. We collected toys and prizes that you can use at your Halloween party. 

There are 3 options available:

The Candy Box – ¥98

No Halloween party is complete with out great candies!

Gummi worms, chocolate, pop rocks, gummi eye balls, and much more! 

Over 100 pieces of various sizes!

2018 TeacherTreat Halloween Candy Box – 2019 will be similar

The Toy Box – ¥198

also 100 small gifts, suitable for boys and girls

Some schools or teachers dont like to give candy to kids, we understand! 

So we created a box just for toys!

Pens,erasers, sticky hands, keychains, light up rights, stamps and more! 

Some items have small parts and are not suitable for under 3. 

2018 TeacherTreat Halloween Toy Box – 2019 will be similar

The Mixed Box – ¥148

Half Toys/Half Candy – 50 toys and 50 Candies!

A mixed box of candy and prizes – perfect for a Halloween party!

2018 TeacherTreat Halloween Mixed Box – 2019 will be similar

Want to order? Order direct on the website and receive a special bonus from us!

Scan or Extract the QR code in this photo below to contact Cathy. She will take your address/phone and payment and ship today!

Scan me for orders

Shipping takes up to 7 days depending on your location so please let us know the date of your party and we will do our best to have the TeacherTreat box arrive in time. Note – shipping to some areas may take longer. SF Express does not allow batteries to be shipped so if you are wanting fast delivery through SF we may need to swap out some prizes.

Supplies are limited so please hurry! Don’t miss this!

Important Note: For normal classes, I don’t like using prizes or candy to motivate kids. I use them for special events and parties and that are unrelated to learning games or classroom behavior. I usually make sure each kid has some small token for attending the party and give bigger prizes for contests such as “Dance till you Drop” or “Best Costume” etc. 

DON’T Like giving physical rewards to kids for classes? I found a list for you too! Hope these help! 

Academic Activities

  • Go to the library to select a book
  • Help a classmate with an academic assignment
  • Help the teacher to present a lesson (e.g., by completing sample math problem on blackboard, reading a section of text aloud, assisting cooperative learning groups on an activity)
  • Invite an adult “reading buddy” of student’s choice to classroom to read with student
  • Listen to audio books
  • Play academic computer games
  • Read a book of his/her choice
  • Read a story aloud to younger children
  • Read aloud to the class
  • Select a class learning activity from a list of choices
  • Select a friend as a “study buddy” on an in-class work assignment
  • Select friends to sit with to complete a cooperative learning activity
  • Spend time (with appropriate supervision) on the Internet at academic sites

Helping Roles

  • ‘Adopt’ a younger student and earn (through good behavior) daily visits to check in with that student as an older mentor
  • Be appointed timekeeper for an activity: announce a 5-minute warning near end of activity and announce when activity is over
  • Be given responsibility for assigning other students in the class to helping roles, chores, or tasks
  • Complete chores or helpful activities around the classroom
  • Deliver school-wide announcements
  • Help the library media specialist
  • Help a specials teacher (e.g., art, music, gym)
  • Take a note to the main office
  • Work at the school store


  • Be awarded a trophy, medal, or other honor for good behavior/caring attitude
  • Be praised on school-wide announcements for good behavior or caring attitude
  • Be praised privately by the teacher or other adult
  • Design–or post work on–a class or hall bulletin board
  • Get a silent “thumbs up” or other sign from teacher indicating praise and approval
  • Have the teacher call the student’s parent/guardian to give positive feedback about the student
  • Have the teacher write a positive note to the student’s parent/guardian
  • Post drawings or other artwork in a public place
  • Post writings in a public place
  • Receive a “good job” note from the teacher


  • Be allowed to sit, stand, or lie down anywhere in the classroom (short of distracting other children) during story time or independent seat work
  • Be dismissed from school 2 minutes early
  • Be permitted to sit in a reserved section of the lunchroom
  • Be sent to recess 2 minutes earlier than the rest of the class
  • Have first choice in selecting work materials (e.g., scissors, crayons, paper) and/or seating assignments
  • Have lunch in the classroom with the teacher
  • IOU redeemable for credit on one wrong item on a future in-class quiz or homework assignment
  • Receive a coupon to be redeemed at a later time for a preferred activity
  • Receive pass to “Get out of one homework assignment of your choice”
  • Select a class fun activity from a list of choices
  • Select the pizza toppings for a class pizza party
  • Sit near the teacher
  • Take the lead position in line
  • Tell a joke or riddle to the class


  • Be selected by the teacher to accompany another student to a fun activity
  • Get extra gym time with another class
  • Get extra recess time with another class
  • Listen to music
  • Play a game with a friend
  • Play non-academic computer games
  • Select fun activity from “Activity Shelf” (stocked with play materials, games)
  • Spend time (with appropriate supervision) on the Internet at recreational sites
  • Watch part or all of a video (preselected by the teacher and cleared with the student’s parent)
  • Work on a jigsaw or other puzzle
  • Write or draw on blackboard/whiteboard/easel paper
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