Less than 1rmb for the BEST teaching tool ever?!?

Most people think of balloons as decorations for a party. But I see them as the perfect thing to make students of all ages get moving and get excited about learning!

For arts and crafts, games, and prizes, nothing is cheaper or better than using BALLOONS!

Keep scrolling to find out all the amazing ways you can use them in your classroom.

3 Clever Arts and Crafts


Materials: Balloon, Yarn, Glue, Scissors

Balloon Splatter Painting

Tape balloons with small amounts of paint onto a LARGE paper on a wall outside. Pop with pins or darts. Very messy, but SUPER fun.

Balloon/Toilet Paper tube launchers

Kids of all ages love crafting this toy!

You can use these to shoot paper balls, marshmallows, cotton balls, etc. Shoot at stacks of cups (with numbers, ABCs or sight words on them) Shoot at words on the whiteboard. Shoot at “targets” or into cups or buckets.

10 AMAZING Games & Activities (All Ages)

Here a list of  10 great games (most with very little preparation) and different variations and ways to add English for more learning! Great for mixed levels and ages. Quick time filler at the end of class, or icebreakers or warm-up games, balloons are the best!

Touch and Say

Try to keep the balloon in the air as long as possible. Every time you tap the balloon up, say a word.


  • You can give each student a balloon and let them play at the same time. (Write the student’s name on the balloon or they will argue)
  • Large Class? Use 4 or 5 balloons and let them take turns.
  • You can put them in pairs to hit it back and forth.
  • Keep the balloon in the air using both hands or only one hand at a time.
  • Keep the balloon in the air by hitting it with your foot, knee, elbow, or head.
  • Hit the balloon up and turn in a circle before hitting it again.
  • Keep the balloon in the air by blowing.
  • Hit the balloon up. See how many times you can clap before hitting the balloon again.
  • Keep two balloons in the air at the same time.

Pass the Balloon

Players must pass a balloon to one another (or around a circle). Try again but without using their hands!


  • Add English practice by having them say any phrase as they pass it. For Example: “Happy Halloween”
  • Or ask/answer questions:

        For example: What’s your name? My name is …

        Here you go. Thank you.

  • Lots of students? Use more than one balloon.
  • Older students? Make it more difficult by having each color be a different body part.

            Red = Use your head to pass

            Blue = Use your shoe

Balloon Rocket Race

Make this with a straw, tape, string, and two chairs or desks. You can use this activity to teach about science, or just have fun!

To add English, have the students compare. “My balloon is faster than your balloon” Or have them send a message back and forth written on the balloon. “What’s your name?” and when you get the balloon you answer the question loudly and then send it back to your partner.Or write messages on the balloons, and each team has to unscramble the message as they receive the balloons.

Balloon Sports

Great indoor games (but remember prepare extra balloons) Also good for mixed aged groups. To make sure of safety, the rules usually include, sitting in a chair, instead of running around.

Balloon Basketball

Two lines of chairs facing each other. The basket is a teacher or student on the end holding a hula hoop or just holding their arms open in a circle. Students sit like this:

Teachers and assistants can run behind the seated students to keep the balloon in play.

Two important rules:

  • Don’t stand up
  • You can’t hit the balloon twice in a row.

If they break the rules, have them step out for a 1 minute time-out or penalize them by losing points, or give the balloon to the other team.  For students too young to play or that don’t want to join, you can have them participate by being the “cheerleader”

Balloon Tennis/Baseball

Make paddles with a ruler and paper plate. Use a fly swatter. Roll up paper. Something to let you hit at the balloons but softly.

Balloon Volleyball

Use chairs or desks or a jump rope or tape on the floor as a net.

Balloon Hockey/Soccer

Use one balloon and try to get it into the goal at opposite sides of the room.

OR Put an odd number of balloons in the center. Let small teams (2-4 students) try to put the balloons in the goals.

Use brooms for hockey.

For soccer with the whole class make them sit in chairs spaced around the room and kick the balloons to each other.

Balloon Race

Have teams race to get their balloon across a finish line.


  • blowing the balloon across the room with your mouth, straw, or paper towel tube
  • hitting the balloon across the room with a broom or pool noodle
  • balance the balloon on your hand, one finger, or a spoon while racing across the room
  • race across the room while holding the balloon between two people (backs, knees, elbows, etc)
  • hop across the room with the balloon between your knees
  • use static electricity to make the balloon stay on your hair while racing across the room

Caterpillar Race

Put your students in teams (At least two) and make a straight line. In between each player is a balloon and they must get to the finish line without dropping their balloon. They can only keep their balloons from dropping by using their chest and the other players back. No hands! If a balloon drops, then the team must stop and pick it back up.

Balloon Hunt

Blow up balloons. Number them from 1 to 10. Hide the balloons throughout the classroom or school. Have students work as a team to find the balloons in order. (Actually just putting them all over the room NOT hidden also works. Tape them to windows, blackboards, desks, etc.)

If they find number 9, they aren’t allowed to get that balloon. They must start at 1, then 2, and so on. 6. You could also do this with letters, sentences, matching/rhyming words, or many other words or phrases!

Balloon Stomp

Fill the balloons with prizes. Let the students go stomp on them to pop them and find the prizes.

Add more English practice by:

  • Cut up a word or sentence and put parts in each balloon. Have the students collect the pieces and try to figure out the sentence or word.
  • Use ABCs and have them race to put them in order.
  • Put in small coins and have them count how much.
  • Put in colorful beads and have them sort.
  • Make up a rhyme to say while popping balloons:

            Balloon, Balloon, come here, please.

            Let me pop you with my feet.

Two Person Stomp

Another version of this is to tie the balloons to the person’s shoes. Then let them try to stomp each other’s balloons. Better with older students.

Bonus: CLEAN UP Game

If you play any games that leave you with a mess of broken balloons, do a quick “Clean up game” See which student can bring you the biggest pile of broken balloons. OR set a timer and if they clean it all up within a short amount of time, give everyone a small prize or team points.


To add more English to any game.

Pre-teach phrases they can shout when excited.

Pass it to me! Let me try. Oh no! Yay, we scored! Good job team. Let’s try harder.


After the games, or when they’ve done well in class, nothing makes a better prize than just THE BALLOON!

That’s right, just give them the balloon to take home!

If you want to make it a little more special, put a sticker or small candy or toy inside.

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