A Halloween Less Scary

A Halloween Less Scary

Halloween is just around the corner, skeletons and pumpkins are appearing all over China. It’s a fun and exciting time of year but it can also be very frightening for young children. Here are some tips on making your students’ Halloween memorable for the right reasons.

Age Appropriate

Halloween is full of ghost, goblins, skeletons, demons and all kinds of scary things. Young children are easily scared, even by everyday objects. Keeping decorations, songs, stories and flashcards age appropriate is key to helping children understand the gap between real and imaginary.

Field Trip

A field trip to the local supermarket to see the Halloween decorations and costumes is a simple way to address fears. The ability to see and touch fake spiders and skeletons in a familiar and brightly lit environment allows children to see that costumes are just clothing.

Teach Boundaries

Super Simple Learning have an amazing song called “Go Away”. It is fantastic because it gives children the vocabulary and courage to tell scary things to go away. Helping your students set appropriate boundaries for themselves is a key part of teaching, and not just at Halloween.

“Go Away!”

Celebrate Creativity

You don’t need to buy a truckload of decorations for Halloween. A quick Bing search brings up a huge array of easy to make Halloween decorations or check out some of these.

Easy Halloween crafts with paper plates
Three craft sticks and some yarn

And, of course, don’t forget the Halloween version of Baby Shark. Let a familiar character teach children that scary monsters aren’t always as scary as they appear.

Halloween Baby Shark

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