[Video] A Christmas Song from TeachersHouse! Happy Holidays!

​Here’s a little something special for you and your students for Christmas!

Shameless plugs? You betcha! Hope you enjoyed it any way!

But joking aside, these are all great products that will be a wonderful addition to your classroom!

So in case you are interested in buying any of thse great classroom resources, here they are!

12 Saboteur

11 Mamma Mia

10 Timers

9 Wipe Clean Workbooks

8 Whiteboard Markers

7 Storybooks

6 Dixit Decks

5 Jigsaw Puzzles

4 Sets of Scrabble

3 Little Pigs

2 Fidget Spinners

And a big brown Christmas Turkey*!

*Turkey not for sale!

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