How to Deal with Stress as a Teacher in China

​Be Mindful! Is it that simple? Yes, we think so. 

You probably already know that TeachersHouse focuses on providing resources and services to help you in your class. But we also think it’s important for teachers to take care of mind and body too! Simple things like sleeping better, having a network of friends to talk to, and just taking a minute to breathe can be super effective in fighting those “Bad China Days.”

So that’s why we’re starting this new series about mindfulness… we hope these help!

They can be found in the Knowledge Database on our website and in a new mini-app coming soon!

Episode #1 – Aches and Tensions

Aches and Tensions

by Thich Nhat Hanh

Narrated by J. Paul

When I breathe in, I generate the energy of mindfulness. With this energy, I recognize my body’s aches and tensions, I begin to embrace my body tenderly, and allow any tension to be released. Many of us accumulate a lot of tension and pressure in our bodies, working them too hard. It’s time to come home to our body. This is possible anytime, whether we are sitting, lying, standing, or walking.

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