Why do students stare? Read this teacher’s story…

​I had this student once, while teaching in China, about 15 years old. She would glance at me stealthily through the staff room window. 

When I arrived to class, she would do the same. My colleagues considered the situation “normal & expected” since I was a foreign teacher. There was something about her look. It wasn’t curiosity or even admiration but fear. So the next class I suggested an ‘only girls class’ and surprisingly all the girls were on board.

This is “normal and to be expected” 

It was that evening after class and I spoke to them about a variety of things; shopping, dieting, grooming, self esteem and I also permitted them to ask whatever they wanted.  A variety of questions came at me, the typical kind that teenage girls would ask. I found it sweet. Since everyone was participating, the “staring” girl seemed comfortable enough and when it was her turn, she asked me about my breasts. She wanted to know if I get shunned, how heavy they are, and if its ok to even have such big ones!

That’s what it was all about, she was looking at my chest this whole time! I was relieved that she was able to open up.

Now I make it a habit to occasionally meet with both the boys and the girls separately to create a bond and to create as much awareness as I can.

Article by:

Angel, a 27 year old expat female that has been teaching in China since 2012. 

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