Are you a dedicated, passionate teacher? Join us today!

​Who are we?

TeachersHouse, a network of over 2500+ amazing teachers helping each other, so that our students can be successful!

What do we do?

We have a network of WeChat group where we discuss issues related to working, living, and succeeding in China.

We host live events where you can learn how to be a better teacher, learn to adapt and use games and books in your classes, network with other teachers and have a good time!

We also host events with local businesses. 

We have a shop where we provide services and products for teachers to use in the classroom and improve their quality of life in China.

We partner with like-minded companies to provide more services and products to help everyone succeed.

Why join?

It’s free. It’s super useful. It’s important! Make your life easier in China. Grow as a teacher. Help more students. The list goes on and on… 

How to join?

Remember the simple and important rules.

  1. Respect others.
  2. Follow the topic of the groups. 
  3. No spam/ads without approval.

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