Teachers, It’s time to CHANGE!

​Hey y’all, your friendly Southern educator here…… 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. And having problems understanding how the education system works here. It goes against all logic and pirate principles. They are pushing away good teachers, replacing them, wondering why it’s not working, and all for the sake of money.

Is this why you opened an English school?!?!

But it just doesn’t work that way, if it’s not working you should change your methods and management style and you “Ask and Analyze” and figure out what YOU are doing wrong that teachers can’t wait to get away and students leave and parents don’t want to stay. It baffles me that Transformation is not even brought up as an option in the thought process.

How do we keep good teachers? How do we make sure we provide a valuable service? How do we market our product so that others will WANT to be here and WANT to be a part of the team? We Ask, Analyze and Transform.

Raise your hand if you want your school to transform!

We have to continue along the path of the Pirate.

  • Passion
  • Immersion
  • Rapport
  • Ask and Analyze
  • Transformation…..this is where we are now!

What is transformation?

Changing, getting away from the status quo, being different, standing out among the crowd. While we can’t change the school (unless we own it), we can make sure to Transform ourselves and our classes into places that students will be excited about.

Provide an uncommon experience for your students and they will reward you with an uncommon effort and attitude.         Dave Burgess

Be a purple cow!!

What? But cows are suppose to be brown! Yeah, every cow is brown and how boring is that? How do you find the right cow when they all look the same, act the same, do the same …… you can’t! It’s all status quo. Nothing special, no reason for the students to be excited, no reason for them to want to be there and no reason to participate or listen or even care, BUT…what if they saw a purple cow? How exciting that would be! They would want to come to see, learn, ask questions…they would participate and want to be there. 

Wow! Just think of all you can accomplish with a group of students who WANT to come to class, who WANT to learn and listen and pay attention, who ARE EXCITED to come see what the day holds!!!

Something remarkable is worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. New. Interesting. It’s a Purple Cow. Boring stuff is invisible. It’s a brown cow.

Dave Burgess…Teach Like a Pirate

Put yourself in your student’s shoes

Students hate school. It really sucks to have to go to a boring place everyday to do stuff you don’t want to do and then to come home and do soul-killing drudgery homework that you hate. Student’s have no choice but to go to school. They are pushed into this horrid place for most of the hours of their day. Listening to crappy lessons and watching the clock knowing that there is only more of this junk to go to later. No wonder they can’t wait to escape.

How do you feel about your job? Do you have a soul sucking boss? Do you sit and watch the clock waiting for the punishment of the day to end? Do you hate having to go to that horrid place everyday knowing nothing will ever change? Guess what, you still don’t have it as bad as the students who are stuck with brown cow schools and brown cow teachers. You are an adult, you have a choice, you can walk out and quit. They can’t. So why put them through what you hate?

Standing out from the others

If you hate your classroom and you are bored, your students are feeling the same way.  So do something about it! Transformation means to change. Change the environment, change the lesson, try new things. Don’t just strive for a “good lesson” strive for something outstanding! Strive for something remarkable! Strive for something so great, it will be talked about by everyone, it will be noticed and bring excitement!

Do you feel your classroom is an important place? Do you feel you have an important message to spread? Do you feel you are a necessary component to your student’s well being, to their learning? YES? Then show it, show them, that they are important to you. Show them the REMARKABLE!!

Standing out from the crowd is the only way to guarantee your message is received in a culture that is increasingly distracted and where attention spans are plummeting.

Dave Burgess…..Teach Like a Pirate

Questions to ask:

  • If your students didn’t have to be there, would you be teaching in an empty room?
  • If this were a college class and you were the student that had to listen to this lesson and you had no consequences for skipping class, would you show up?
  • Do you have any lessons that you could actually sell tickets to and students would pay to be there?
  • Will this lesson spark an interesting discussion among the students that will excite others to want to come visit the classroom?
  • If you wrote a review of your lesson for a local newspaper, would it be positive enough and exciting enough to spark the interest of others?
  •  If a visitor came to check out you and your class, what would they write to future students about you and your lessons?

Entertainment and fun can, and should, go hand in hand.

Dave Burgess…..Teach Like a Pirate

So much fun I can’t control myself!

Positioning and Reframing

But these are marketing terms…..why in the world do I need a lesson on marketing to become a better teacher? That’s not my job. I teach, I make lessons, I deal with parents and children…I’m not the marketing director. But, yes, you, are!

Thankfully it’s not THIS complicated!

You are the marketing director for your classroom, for your students, for your parents. Students have choices of where to take classes at, parents have school choices, and YOU have a choice of where to teach your classes at. There are many places to teach and many teachers to choose from…..why should I, as a student, choose you to teach me?

Why should they bother to give us their attention and active engagement in the first place? Because here’s the truth: Not only are we fighting to stand out from all the images, sounds, products, people and emotions vying for their attentions, we are also fighting to keep them from tuning out altogether.

Dave Burgess…..Teach Like a Pirate

Are you a medicine teacher? Is your lesson positioned as a foul tasting, BAD medicine? “Do this stupid crap so you can answer some questions on a test!” How motivating is that? I agree with Dave’s analysis of this “piss-poor motivation”.

Don’t position your material as if it is awful-tasting medicine! Position your content as if it’s amazing! Give motivating reasons why the material is important to know. “Because it’s on the test” doesn’t cut it. If you can’t explain why someone should pay attention to what you’re saying, maybe you shouldn’t be saying it.

Dave Burgess …. Teach Like a Pirate

WARNING: Some suggestive lyrics. 

I’m going to close for now, but let me just say, we need more Purple Cows in this world. China is full of brown cow schools, brown cow teachers, brown cow students….it’s a brown cow world here..BUT.. mixed in, we have Purple Cows and PIRATES looking to shine and there are parents out there who would appreciate a herd of Purple Cows and PIRATES with awesome treasures to offer their children. Don’t let the humdrum, crazy schools suck the creativity out of you!

As Always,

Be Kind,

With Love,


Who is Christy?

I’m just a simple country girl who wanted to make a difference in children’s lives by becoming the best teacher/model I could. I want to promote teachers to be more than just a person in a room. I want to help them to love and guide all children to become the best person they can be. I truly believe all children deserve a chance, but those who are less likely to achieve greatness, need the most, loving, kindest teacher they can possibly have because they probably do not get this from anywhere else. We have the ability to shape and guide these children and lead on to greatness and life they deserve.

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