[Special Offer] TeacherTreats: BAGELS!!!!!!

​At TeachersHouse we focus on bringing you content that helps you become a better teacher. Such as:

Using Stories in your Classroom

Classroom Management Tips

Cheapest Classroom Tool Ever!

[ESL Science Lesson Plans] Volcanoes are AWESOME!

BUT We haven’t forgotten about you as a person. We care about your well-being and happiness! Sometimes when you’re just having a bad China day and you can’t get away from it, you need some comfort. 

Remember: Happy Teachers = Happy Students!

So we created a section called Teacher Treats. Check out this special deal from one of our partners!

Click here to 


Get a free bag of these bagel chips! 

(Pictured above)

Yummy ways you can fix up your bagel!


Hungry yet?

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