Your package has arrived. The phone rings and… uh oh!

​It’s probably the delivery guy. But he’s babbling Chinese at you super fast. You hang up. He calls back. Your package has arrived, but if you don’t pick it up in time, it might get sent back. Or he might leave it outside in the rain. OR it might get put in one of those confusing mail holding boxes, or at the corner store, or or or.. 

What can you do?

Take a deep breath.

Answer the phone. 

Listen carefully, and see if it’s a delivery guy.

How do you know who it is?

This week we bring you our first guest post from [QUĀ] the creator of Elementary Chinese. EC teaches the kind of Chinese you can actually use right away in your everyday life, the stuff I learned when I first moved here.

What words do you listen for so you know it’s the delivery guy with your package?

Watch the video, copy the phrases below and practice them later!

When Kuaidi Calls… (Part 1)

The delivery person might call you and say:

You have a delivery!

喂 快递!

喂         wèi Hey

快递 kuàidì  package

I’m with the delivery company!


我         wǒ I 

是         shì am

快递 kuàidì delivery

公司 gōngsī company

Or your delivery person might ask if anyone’s at home, because they’d rather not make the trip if they don’t have to, right?:


有人 yǒurén is (there) someone

在家 zàijiā at home

吗         mā  [question]

Or they’ll ask “ Are you at home now?”


你     nǐ     you

现在     xiànzài     now

在家     zàijiā     at home

吗     mā     [question]

Here are several different names of delivery companies to get you started. If you hear one of these on the phone, then you’ll know the situation and what to listen for:

顺丰快递 shùnfēng kuàidì

圆通快递 yuántōng kuàidì

申通快递 shéntōng kuàidì

百世快递 bǎishì kuàidì

About the creator:

Kwadwo (sounds like QUĀ has lived in China for 10 years. Super passionate about helping foreigners thrive here, he makes weekly videos on YouTube and teaches Chinese on WeChat.

He’ll help you learn the everyday Chinese you need to communicate what you want.

Want more Chinese tips? Add [QUĀ] on WeChat!

Extract his WeChat QR code below. 

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