Mindful Teacher Moments: Know Yourself

​Being a teacher is a stressful job! You’re always thinking about what’s coming next. Homework to grade, next week’s staff training, some Chinese holiday where your students will inevitably have to prepare a show… so many things to think about all the time! And that’s outside of class! 

While teaching, I know my mind can race around to thoughts about safety (don’t lean back in that chair) and classroom timing (uh oh, I’m going too fast, that one looks a little lost) and so much more!

If you let all this build up, it will eventually cause you to break down. So take time every day, even just a few minutes on your commute,  whenever you can sneak some time for yourself in. 

Spend a few Mindful Moments to increase your overall productivity and reduce stress levels!

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Use the Present Moment to Know Yourself

by J Paul

Most of our present moments are filled with something to entertain us and attract our attention in one form or another. Our tablets and smartphones have made it far too easy to have an ‘entertainment device’ in the palm of our hands at any given hour. If we choose to be honest and admit that these distractions are really just a way to escape from ourselves and reality, then we will have increased our awareness and started to lessen our attachment to them. Knowing ourselves in the present moment requires nothing more than us and the moment.

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