Simple DIY Shape Craft & Classroom Ideas (Songs+Videos!)

​Materials Needed:

  • Write the name and number of sides on the sticks.
  • Use the same color for one shape.

Don’t have colored sticks? Use colored markers to mark each different shape with some colors. (Like Nonagon – She drew a green line on the stick)

Using these in CLASS:

If you teach in a kindergarten, these would be great for centers. If you need some quiet activity for other students to do while waiting for their classmates to finish snack or bathroom time, these would also be perfect! 

You could use these to play a game. Give each student a stick, ask them to walk around saying their shape (or color or number) and find the classmates with the match! Then have them use their bodies to make the shape. 

You could also hide these around the room and let students find them. Add more English by asking before you let them run around a and search. I let the students raise their hands and say, “Is it near the whiteboard?” and then I let them go check for ten seconds. That way you don’t have 20 students running around!

For older students who still need to practice basic words, this works well as a review activity. Put your list of questions/words you’re reviewing on the board. When a student answers, give them a stick. If they answer correctly, give them two sticks. After the sticks are gone, or your review is complete, ask the students to see if they have any complete shapes. If not, allow them to ask (in English!) and trade with their class.

WORD OF WARNING: putting together ALL the shapes at one time takes a good bit of space, so you may want to ask students to put these together on the floor so they have plenty of space to work!

This is a great self guided work with a control of error since each shape is a different color.

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Extension Ideas

  1. Along with creating the shapes, you can help students count the number of sides for a good extension in number recognition.
  2. Color recognition also works!
  3. Use these math shape sticks for introducing math terms to children. Hexagon, octagon, and decagon are words they may not have heard before.
  4. You can also use these to add! Make a decagon, then see what other numbered shapes you can use to make 10.
  5. After completing the shapes, try a drawing activity with that shape.
  6. Ask students, what can we see that looks like “this shape?” 
  7. Sing a song about shapes!

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Would you try this? Have you tried this? How did it go? Any suggestions? Leave a comment below.

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