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​Hello and welcome to English Free Talk, an ongoing series of educational, entertaining, and engaging videos designed to help young learners grow their English skills. Created by two American ESL teachers with over 20 years of teaching experience, each episode features two fun-loving hosts, Sam and Lucy. 

Sam and Lucy help to clearly demonstrate how to pronounce words and sounds associated with the English language that may, at first, be difficult for new learners. They are positive, encouraging role models in the form of real people (not animated characters) for our English Free Talk audience.

But, the real stars of every show are you – the viewers! 

English Free Talk videos cover a wide variety of topics and include many basic elements necessary for children learning to speak English, including  phonics, the ABC’s, vocabulary words, proper pronunciation, listening comprehension, counting and number recognition, and much more.  

English Free Talk was born out of the desire to make English learning tools accessible to children and families everywhere, regardless of socio-economic status or background, by posting them online and making them free of charge. So join us on this never-ending adventure and start speaking English naturally, the English Free Talk way.

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