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Welcome to Expat Chinese

Expat Chinese is a high quality Chinese language center that offers Chinese language classes and cultural activities. We are teaching Chinese by using Western teaching methods. Founded by Sara Jaaksola in 2017 Expat Chinese has two locations in Guangzhou: Zhujiang New Town in the city center and Clifford Wonderland in Panyu.

During Autumn 2019 we offer Chinese language courses from beginners to advanced level, Chinese character courses and Chinese calligraphy courses. Special workshops and day trips are arranged every weekend.

Course Schedule

Autumn Semester: 

September 2nd to January 18th

(Two courses starting August 31st)

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Chinese Courses for 

Different Levels




Suitable for absolute beginners or those who have studied only a few hours of Chinese. 

During this course we get a firm foundation on important daily life Chinese, including greetings, introducing your self, numbers, shopping, taking a taxi or didi, ordering food and drinks etc. After the course, if you like, you can take HSK Level 1 exam. 

34 hours of lessons, once week week. Choose from daytime, evening or Saturday group.

4760RMB + textbook




Suitable for those who have studied Chinese for half a year, 30+ hours or have taken the HSK Level 1 exam. 

This course continues to build your daily life Chinese skills, making you more confident in using Chinese at different situations in China. After this course you can take the HSK Level 2 exam.

34 hours of lessons, once a week. Choose from daytime, evening or Saturday group.

4760RMB + textbook




Suitable fore those who have studied Chinese for a year, 60+ hours or have taken the HSK Level 2 exam. 

During this course we will cover the first half of the HSK 3 syllabus, chapters 1 to 10 in the textbook. After that you can continue to Part 2 at Spring Semester. HSK 3 will improve both your spoken and written skills, you will be able to chat with locals about most daily life topics related to your life in China. You can also communicate in written from via WeChat for example.

48 hours of lessons, twice a week on weekday mornings OR once a week on Saturday.

6720RMB + textbooks




HSK 4 Comprehensive is suitable for those who have passed HSK 3 test or have a similar level of Chinese. The course requires you to be able to read characters as well.

During this intensive course we will cover the first book of the HSK 4 syllabus, HSK标准教程4上册. After that you can continue to Book 2 (下册) at Spring Semester.

The HSK 4 will take you towards fluency in more advanced topics, also related to work life in China.

60 hours of lessons, twice a week.

8400RMB + textbooks





Chinese Characters for Beginners is suitable for those taking the Beginner Chinese or more advanced students who are new to characters.

During this course we learn the 150 most common characters that are also on the official character list for HSK level 1. We will learn how to type Chinese and write simple characters by hand.

After this course you can read HSK level 1 graded readers and understand many characters around you in the real life.


Chinese Characters Level 2 is suitable for those who have studied the 150 characters from Level 1 already. 

During this course we learn the next 150 most common characters, that are also on the official character list for HSK level 2. We will be learning to read more short stories and writing simple short texts by hand.

After this course you can read 300 characters and HSK level 2 graded readers. 

Both courses are 25.5 hours of lessons, once a week. 

3570RMB incuding all materials



Chinese  Calligraphy Course is suitable for anyone wanting to explore the ancient form of art by writing beautiful characters and creating small gifts to take home.

No previous knowledge of Chinese language, characters or arts is needed, this is a course for beginners to learn more about calligraphy and practice it themselves.

28 hours of lessons, once a week. Choose from weekday group or Satuday group.

6720RMB + textbooks

Student Activities

Each weekend Expat Chinese organizes workshops, cooking classes, walking tours or day trips for our students and their friends and families. 

With us you can learn about Chinese art, history, medicine, tea and many other topics. We will take you to explore Guangzhou and with our partners invite you to daytrips around Guangdong province.

Expat Chinese students receive a special discount and priority for registering! With out membership card you save the more you attend!

Benefits of choosing to study at Expat Chinese!

Study Chinese the way you learn best, we combine the best of Western and Chinese teaching methods! We are ready to answer your “why” questions.

Be sure that your needs are heard! At the beginning of our courses each student does their own Study Plan and needs analysis. In the middle and in the end of the course feedback is gathered and courses improved.

Easy communication with your teachers. All of your teachers speak a high level of English! Our teacher team is also constantly improving our skills in Japanese and Korean.

Free consultation at any point of your studies. Expat Chinese founder and head teacher Sara Jaaksola is avaialble to discuss your studies, goals and needs. She will offer her expert advice of learning Chinese for 10+ years and teaching for 5+ years.

Free weekly Chinese Corner! Come and practise your skills in a fun environment with games, quizzes and role play.

Free tutoring time weekly! Have any questions about your homework or course materials? Come and visit our tutor!

How to register


1: Contact us

Contact us via WeChat (15002016434) or email

2: Choose your courses

We will help you to choose the right level and courses for you

3: Payment

Pay the course in full

4: Course starts

Receive your welcome package and wait for the course to start!

Teacher Team

Professional Teachers

Qualities of our teacher team:

  1. A mixture of native and non-native, get the best of both!
  2. Teaching Chinese using Western teaching methods, not relying on rote memorization
  3. High level of English, no need to worry that you can’t communicate with your teacher
  4. All teachers have been trained in teaching Chinese and receive regular training at Expat Chinese

For more information 

and a full brochure, 

please contact us:

WeChat/Mobile: 15002016434


Head Teacher 

Sara Jaaksola

Long Press the QR-code to contact us!

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