Teacher’s House – An Overview

Teacher’s House – An Overview

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A Community of Teachers

From the very beginning, Brandy’s vision was not to amass a large number of followers or group members, but to create a community of like-minded educators who cared about improving themselves and the education experience for their students.

Now hosting over 50 WeChat groups with a member base of almost 10,000 educators, Teacher’s House network is the go-to for advice on teaching, professional development, complex grammar questions, phonics and reading and more.

With specialised groups targetting age -based learning from Babies to Adults, these groups are the place to find resources and help.

Education in China is growing and changing and the Teacher’s House groups have evolved with that. We now host specialist groups for Online Teachers, IELTS/SAT/TOEFL exam preparation and non-ESL Subjects such as Spanish, STEAM and Physical Education.

Teacher’s House Platform

The platform is a developing area for Teacher’s House. We envision the platform as a place for services and online content creators, where teachers can find the things they need to make life in China more enjoyable.

We have already partnered with a number of local and expat run businesses to provide discounts and specials to Teacher’s House members and look forward to introducing more to you.

A Home for Content Creators

As teachers, everyone creates content for their classes but some teachers have taken that extra step and have developed textbooks, workbooks and video and online courses. Teacher’s House is a place where teachers can host, promote and sell this content and where teachers can find tried and tested quality products for use in the classroom.

Teacher’s House promotes curated content like “Pros and Cons” by Shawn Wilkes 

Teacher’s House Shop

Developing out of the need for teachers without Chinese language skills to buy online, The Shop has grown into a fully accessible and independent web store, filled with classroom tested products at prices that teachers can afford and with full customer service always on hand to answer every question. 

The goal of The Shop is to ensure that teachers can access quality resources for their students at affordable prices. 

Check out The Shop here

The Teacher’s House Team

Brandy – Founder and CEO

Brandy came to China 14 years ago and quickly found her home but she struggled with finding resources and content for her students and where to go for advice on teaching and life in China. Her determination to find these things for herself and her students quickly grew from a group of like-minded teacher friends to the beginnings of Teacher’s House.

Brandy is still the driving force within Teacher’s House and is committed to growing the platform for the benefit of all.

Michelle – Director

Michelle is typical of one of our members. She came to China to teach at a training center, found resources and advice lacking, sought it out online and discovered Teacher’s House. From a start as a group member and customer, she contributed some articles and administered some groups until the beginning of 2019 when she relocated to Guangdong to work in person with Brandy and Teacher’s House.

Now, Michelle runs the shop, sourcing and testing new products and liaising with all suppliers, vendors and customers.

Cathy – Administrator

Cathy is the one who keeps the Teacher’s House company, website and Official Account running. Without her invalauble experience in navigating the complexities of accounting, taxes and legalities of a company, we wouldn’t be able to operate.

Aunt Elsa

She’s the thousand year old composite manifestation of the souls of every wise teacher who ever lived. She was called into existence by the wishes and pleas of the world’s inexperienced and resource-starved teachers. Now she’s living at Teacher’s House and ready to help save the day.

Dear Aunt Elsa – Summer Camp, HELP!!

Online Classes – What Software Do I Use?

The past few months have shown us what a diverse and strong community of educators come to Teacher’s House. We will continue to build on the trust you have placed in us to help support you in bettering your experience here in China.

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