Your Top 7 Legal Questions During the Virus Outbreak Answered

Your Top 7 Legal Questions During the Virus Outbreak Answered

Teacher’s House approached Sully Sullivan from Westspring Solutions to answer some of the common questions that have been raised during this outbreak.

1. Do I have to go to work? 

If there isn’t a government shutdown or a company halt then you are expected to go to work and but doing so will result in your company policy for unexcused absence. 

Unless, of course, you are sick. If you have the virus, are suspected of having the virus or have come into close contact with a coronavirus patient or suspected patient, your employer must provide you with renumeration.

2. What if I am quarantined?

If you are unable to work due to quarantine or other government-imposed emergency measures, your employer must provide you with remuneration.

3. My contract is about to expire but my workplace is on shutdown.

Your contract will be automatically extended until the end of the period of medical leave/medical observation/quarantine/emergency measures taken by the government.

4. Can I be fired for refusing to attend work? 

Refusing to attend work when no shutdown order exists will be treated the same as any other time you refuse to attend work.

5. What are the requirements for getting paid during forced shutdown? 

If a business encounters operational difficulties caused by the epidemic, it may stabilise the operation by adjusting remuneration, rotations, shortening work hours by consensus with the employees.

If an employer stops operation for one wage period, it shall pay the ages of its employees in accordance with the standards in the labor contract.

If an employer provides regular work, the wage paid shall not be lower than the local minimum wage.

If an employer does not provide regular work, the employer shall pay living expenses in accordance with the methods prescribed byt the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.

6. Who is responsible for my medical bills if I get sick? 

Your medical insurance or social insurance covers a portion, just like any other sickness. If your company has not paid for your insurance they are responsible for 100% of your medical expenses.
7. Does my medical insurance cover this virus? 

Of course. Medical insurance can’t pick and choose. Check your policy for details.

There are changes to quarantine measures, transport and school opening dates being made daily. We strongly suggest that you stay in close contact with your employer and understand that they are in the same unique position as you are in dealing with this situation.

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