[Service] Accident and Medical Insurance

[Service] Accident and Medical Insurance

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The past few months have been an uncertain time and we have heard a lot of members worrying about what would happen if they got sick or injured while here in China.

Many teachers have insurance coverage as a part of their employment package but aren’t sure what it covers. And there are a large number of teachers who have no cover at all.

We have spoken with AIA Insurance about some basic affordable coverage for foreign teachers.

AIA is the world’s largest insurance company, with over 36 million individual policies. Their size and strength provide added re-assurance, you know that they are going to be around when you need them.

AIA have tailored packages that suit your needs and budget. Accident insurance is available for as little as 400rmb yearly, and is payable by the month.

If you want to find out more, or have your current insurance plan checked, AIA Insurance have a dedicated team ready to help Teacher’s House members. Led by Steven Gong in Guangzhou, the team will be able to answer all your insurance questions.

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