Craft Ideas: Pipe Cleaners (All Ages)

Craft Ideas: Pipe Cleaners (All Ages)

Check out these simple and amazing ideas for how to use pipe cleaners!

Pipe Cleaner Family/People - Get creative with pipe cleaners, sticks, and googly eyes.

Older students might enjoy this craft idea during winter/summer camp!

Sometimes art needs to be about the process, not the result! Let students experiment by gluing pipe cleaners in any pattern they like. (Perfect way to use up extra bits from previous craft projects!)

Teaching older students about history or cultures? Here's a neat way to learn about Indigenous people of North America with this handicraft!

Maybe you're putting on a play and want some cute but cheap props/scenery? Maybe you're teaching a unit on deserts?

Using beads, straws, and a styrafoam base, you can create an exciting way for young kids to play. Or let older siblings make this simple toy for their younger brother or sister.

Yep, you can even use the in math class when teaching about 3-D objects!

Simple and easy way to work with numbers.

Teaching colors? Get a set of bottles and let them get to sorting. Be sure to describe their actions so they get lots of listening practice in! "Wow, great job putting the red on in the red bottle!"

Sometimes older students need a quick break. Let them have a STEM break with this activity!

Another great number idea, but you could also do this for learning alphabetical order or spelling words!

Yep! You can even use them to make your own games!

No better way to start learning about ABCs then starting with your own name!

Even older students can get in on the alphabet fun by making these 3-D letters. Then use them for some stop motion photography fun!

Learn colors and make this beautiful craft to decorate your classroom with. I was also thinking this would make a great class management tool! Each time you catch a student following the rules, add a link to the rainbow!

Like these ideas? Need some pipe cleaners?

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