Let's look at how to use those coupons when you place an order on the mini-app.


Choose the product(s) you'd like to buy. Go to your cart, and start the checkout process.

On the checkout page, you will be able to see if you have any coupons available for this purchase.

Click on that > to see which coupons you can use. After you select the coupon you want, it will automatically be applied and you will see the new total, and a total of how much you saved.

Valid coupons are red/Invalid are grey

Note: Coupons are not available with on sale or reward items or for use with other coupons.

This is what happens after you select a coupon.

You can also see which coupons are available before you get ready to checkout by checking the My Coupons page from "My Account" Page

Here are the coupons that we've already set up. But you can also enter a coupon code here as well!

My Coupons Page

A note about the Chinese Discount system 折:

Discounts in Chinese can be confusing. It’s true. Discounts in Chinese don’t have a % sign on them AND they don’t work the same way they do in the West. So how do you understand sale signs in China? Here’s what you need to know to never miss out on a great sale!

折 (zhé) does indicate the presence of discounts in Chinese. It comes from the verb “打折” (dǎzhé) which means to “give a discount”.打折 is a very handy verb to know, by the way.  Next time you’re at a Chinese restaurant, try asking “ 打折吗?” as you’re about to pay. You may get a discount!

And here’s the right way to read a 折 discount:

A 4折 means the price I’ll pay = 0.4* the original price

If you see:

  • 1折 you’ll pay 10% of the original price
  • 2折 you’ll pay 20% of the original price
  • 6折 you’ll pay 60% of the original price
  • 9折 you’ll pay  90% of the original price.

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