Aunt Elsa, the Teaching Super Hero, saves Christmas!

Aunt Elsa, the Teaching Super Hero, saves Christmas!

Dear Aunt Elsa, 

I want to buy some books for students, but I’m afraid if it’s a winter book they will only read it during winter. Which storybook would make a good gift?

 From: NoIdeas4Gifts

Dear No Ideas 4 Gifts,

Books are fantastic presents but choosing them can cause a headache! There are many things to think about to make it a perfect gift. You’re absolutely right! Any book about Santa, snow, reindeer, etc… will run the risk of being left on a shelf to collect dust. But don’t stress too much! I picked out some titles will be interesting the whole year ’round!

1.  Giraffes Can’t Dance – Giles Andrae and Guy Parker Rees

About – Gerald the Giraffe was not a good dancer and dreaded the yearly Great Jungle Dance. But this year, Gerald discovers that, sometimes, you just need a different song to dance to.

Why – This rhyming poem is fantastic when read aloud and shows children that everyone has something they are good at, even if it’s not always obvious.

 Who – Read to all ages, Upper primary to read alone

2. Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type – Doreen Cronin

 About – Farmer Brown has a problem; his cows like to type. But what exactly are the cows typing?

 Why – Kids (and grown up kids) will love the hijinks the cows get up to with their typewriter.

 Who –Read to all ages, Upper primary to read alone

3. A Color of His Own – Leo Lionni

About – All the animals have their own color except for chameleon. Follow him as he goes on a journey to find his own true color.

 Why – This is a cute little story teaching kids the value of individuality and striving to be your true self.

 Who –Read to all ages, Upper primary to read alone

4. Ape in a Cape – An Alphabet of Odd Animals

 About – The richness of coloring; the strength, action and humor in the drawing; and the original rhyme for each letter make this an alphabet book to treasure.

 Why – A different view of the alphabet

 Who –Read to all ages, but young children will love this.

5. The Dot – Peter Reynolds

 About –  Art class is a frustrating place if you believe you can’t draw. This simple and witty story will help everyone find the creative spirit within.

 Why – Everyone needs a reminder that they are creative in their own way.

 Who –Read to all ages, read alone for upper primary and above

Thanks Again: No Ideas 4 Gifts

I really hope this list will help save the day. Thanks for writing to me. I want to leave you with one final thought.

Who is Aunt Elsa?

She’s the thousand year old composite manifestation of the souls of every wise teacher who ever lived. She was called into existence through the wishes and pleas of the world’s inexperienced and resource-starved teachers. Now she’s living at Teacher’s House and ready to help save the day!

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