Great Summer Class Idea! Explore Writing Materials with Kids

Great Summer Class Idea! Explore Writing Materials with Kids

Here’s a great article we found and wanted to share! To read more scroll down to the link at the bottom of the article.

For teachers in China we think this idea would be perfect to use during summer camps when your class time is usually extended and you can include activities you might not have time for during normal classes.

Explore Writing Materials with Kids

Both of my kids have loved writing from an early age. They observed me writing lists and taking notes, and they always wanted to mimic what I did. For your own fun discovery, try out different types of writing materials. Opening the kids horizons to more than a pencil and paper has been very rewarding in our experience. (And most importantly: Don’t forget to try out these fun writing materials yourself!)

Explore Writing with Paintbrush and Watercolors

Exploring writing with watercolors and paintbrush

Water colors can be a little tricky to paint with, but the kids love exploring the different colors. We noticed how to much water makes the paints runny and the color faint. We noticed how the paintbrush made wide strokes and different paintbrushes made different strokes. Setting up this activities at different times of the year is very rewarding especially as your child’s skill increases.

Explore Writing with Sharpie

Exploring writing with Sharpie

This is a VERY special event. I don’t typically give my 3 and 5 year olds permanent Sharpie, but recently I have found a lot of stress relief from adult coloring pages. My kids requested their own. I was astonished at how serious they were about their coloring. They chose all their own colors and have done an amazing job with this sometimes daunting writing material.

Explore Writing with Nature

explore fir tree with painting

Grab a branch of a tree and use it as a paintbrush! Notice the different type of strokes that are made and how it is harder to pick up paint with waxy leaves. We used a fir branch, but you are welcome to try several and explore!

Explore Writing with Magic Board

Exploring writing with magic board

This is a really wonderful writing experience. Using an ancient Asian style calligraphy brush, we wrote on our magic board. This board dries on it’s own and can be used over and over again. It’s a really amazing writing material!

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