DIY Shapes Crafts – Montessori Ideas

DIY Shapes Crafts – Montessori Ideas

Easy DIY Shapes Craft from

I’m excited to share with you this VERY easy DIY shape craft as apart of the addition of our 12 Months of Montessori Learning series!

I love easy and cheap ways to my help kids learn. We have made a lot of our homeschool materials. I made this craft and presented it to the kids outside. We have had gorgeous weather!

DIY Shapes Craft

Easy DIY shape craft. I can make this right now!

Materials Needed:

To makes these, count out one color for each of the shapes you want to make. I ran out of colors so I used plain sticks to make our decagon and nonagon. Then I just added a green band to the nonagon sticks. I also added the number of sides to each of the sticks.

Easy to make shapes craft!

Presenting DIY Shapes Craft

Presenting this work is VERY easy. I added the triangle and square shapes to a tray and added it to our mat. I presented one shape at a time. Now that we have had this work with us for a bit, I can add all the shapes to the tray at a time!

Easy to make shapes craft!

WORD OF WARNING: putting together ALL the shapes at one time takes a good bit of space, so you may want to ask your child to put these together on the floor so they have plenty of space to work!

This is a great self guided work with a control of error since each shape is a different color.

Extension Ideas

Easy DIY Shapes Craft on
  1. Along with creating the shapes, you can help your child count the number of sides for a good extension in number recognition.
  2. Color recognition would be a good lesson to entertain your toddler while you work with your older child in homeschool.
  3. Use these math shape sticks for introducing math terms to children. Hexagon, octagon, and decagon are words they may not have heard before.
  4. You can also use these to add! Make a decagon, then see what other numbered shapes you can use to make 10.

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