35 Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages

35 Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages


Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages | topnotchteaching.com

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my Top 3 Fun Spelling Games.

I thought I’d carry on that theme this week and pass on to you some more fun spelling games that will engage your students and help to consolidate what has been learned. I have found that using spelling games is a great way to finish a tutoring session, especially if it’s been a particularly challenging session.

I have archived below some awesome spelling games so you have them all in one place. I hope you find some games that you can use in your classroom and with your students.

1. Roll a sight word by I Can Teach My Child
100 sight words are provided that you can download, or you can incorporate your own words if your prefer.

2. Who can spell the most words? by No Time For Flashcards
This game uses the ‘Connect Four’ game to make spelling words.

3. Word family tic tac toe by Kids Activities Blog
This game can also be used with any spelling list. A great way to practice reading and writing if you get your students to make their own boards.

4. Phonics jumping game by Learners In Bloom
A great game for our little learners. Get them moving all over the place to make their words. I can’t wait to try this one with my Little Miss Nearly Four.

5. Letter bump and word bump by This Reading Mama
The letter bump game can be used with beginning readers just learning about the alphabet and the word bump can be used with any of your students’ spelling words.

Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages | topnotchteaching.com

6. Spelling puzzles by No Time For Flashcards
This is a great way to re-use any old puzzles that you may have laying around that are missing bits. Make words by putting the puzzle together again.

7. Spelling battleship by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational
Take the traditional game of battleship and turn it into a spelling game, fantastic.

8. Internet games by Spelfabet
Alison has put together a list of good-quality, free literacy games on the internet, sorted from very simple to more complex.

9. Jenga Game by The First Grade Diaries
Get your students reading the words, before they remove them and then stack them on top. Can be used with high frequency words or any spelling words.

10. Spelling race by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational
Have your students race against themselves to see which word comes first.

Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages | topnotchteaching.com

11. Word ladders by Fun Games 4 Learning
This game involves students making new words by changing one letter (or I would do one sound) at a time. Great for manipulation of sounds in words.

12. Give me a clue board game by The Measured Mom
A free board game you can download and assemble. It gets kids thinking about the meaning of their spelling words and how they’re made up.

13. Spelling splatter by 2nd The Best
See who can cover the most paint splatters to win this game. Can be used with any list of spelling words.

14. 10 fun spelling games by Busy Teacher
This post says the games are for ESL students, but they can also be used for anyone learning spelling words. 10 different games are explained.

15. Games using paper circles by Little Family Fun
A very cute range of games using paper cut out circles, including: alphabet monster game, car game, balloon game, caterpillar game and ice-cream game.

Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages | topnotchteaching.com

16. Word wac woe by This Reading Mama
This game is similar to bingo and would be good to use with small groups of students.

17. Trugs by Spelfabet
This is a commercial game that you can purchase, but it does follow a synthetic phonics structure. They look really interesting, I may need to check them out further.

18. Bumblebee game for kids by Nurture Store
This game includes words split into it’s sounds and kids need to put them together to spell the word. Also has some ideas for math practice.

19. Spinning spelling game by Learning Specialist Materials
A great game to practice sounds that can be spelled in more than one way, e.g. ‘tch’ and ‘ch’.

20. Magnetic Snowman Hangman by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational
A great take on an old favorite.

Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages | topnotchteaching.com

21. Dominoes and speed racer games by No Time For Flashcards
The speed racer game looks like fun and a great way to practice reading words.

22. 1-2-3 Spell it by This Reading Mama
This is a great board game for students who are just learning to read and spell simple CVC words.

23. Spell it by The Measured Mom
A big, colorful, easy to play board game that can be used with any list of spelling words.

24. Word search maker by A to Z Teacher Stuff
A great tool that lets you make your own custom word search worksheets.

25. Slap the word by First Grade Fabulosity
Students race to see who can slap the word first.

Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages | topnotchteaching.com

26. Fill the bushel spelling by by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational
Get your students to really focus in on a few of their spelling words with this fun game.

27. Climb the ladder by The Measured Mom
In this game students climb the ladder and can only move to the next level when the word is correct. Free printable included.

28. Sparkle and other games by What The Teacher Wants
A number of different games are described here including: sparkle, spell check and hidden words.

29. Bump by Education.com
In this game students pull a word out of a bag and spell it, if it is correct they keep the card. If a ‘bump’ card is pulled out then all cards and put back in the bag.

30. 3D word search by No Time For Flashcards
I love this idea. I have a student who enjoys playing word search games on the iPad, I think he would respond well to this giant version.

Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages | topnotchteaching.com

31. Minute to win it by Coconut Cutie’s Classroom
This game works with students in groups of 4. The fastest group to write the word correct is the winner.

32. Trash can spelling by Teaching and Much Moore
Students have the chance to earn points for their team by spelling words correctly.

33. DIY spelling board game by Nurture Store
Make your own board game for students to practice their spelling words.

34. Spelling bam by The Superlative Six
You need to read down the page a bit to find this game. Students are in a group and take a card from the jar to spell. There are also two types of wild cards: Bam and Swipe.

35. Wheel of fortune spelling game by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational
Reveal each letter/sound in the word until the student guesses what the word is.

Spelling Games For Students Of All Ages | topnotchteaching.com

For more spelling games and ideas see these:

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