10 Things That Frustrate Teachers

10 Things That Frustrate Teachers

Just like there are things that make teachers happy, on the flipside, there are things that make them unhappy or frustrated. So what are these ten things? Here’s a gander at just some of things which aggravate teachers.

1. Blatant Plagiarizing

Granted there is only so much teachers can do to check if assignments have been plagiarized or not, but it is extremely aggravating to find that some students haven’t even made the attempt to remove the links from the assignment or the URL or even the site’s name from the paper. It is aggravating because the students are not treating the assignment with the seriousness that it deserves or even putting in the bare minimum of effort. Some students are so lazy; they plagiarize the notes that have been given to them by the teacher herself and return in the form of an assignment!

2. Assignments Done By Parents

It is very easy to make out who has done an assignment or a project, especially in the case of younger students. Their assignments and projects tend not to be as polished as those of adults, simply because they are still learning how to do things. So when the teacher asks for a model of the sun, and gets 20 models which have been made with varying degrees of finesse and 3 or 4 models that look like they have been made by architects, it makes their blood boil. The model-making was supposed to be done by the student so that they learn about the model better. Marks are given for what the student knows about the model, not how beautiful the model looks!

3. Answers So Creative They Hurt The Brain

Correcting examination papers can be both an exercise in patience and hilarity. Teachers commonly come across some extremely creative answers that make them wonder why the student won’t apply their obvious intelligence to actually writing a proper, well thought out answer.

4. Smarmy, Little Bullies

Some students do set your hair on end. You know they are mean and that they bully other children, but they are so clever about it and are so well-behaved the other times that you can’t even pull them up for any reason.

5. Parents Who Refuse To Listen

At parent-teacher meetings, most parents usually listen to teachers with a lot of interest because they do care about what their child is doing and they do want to help them improve. But some parents refuse to believe that a teacher can actually (GASP!) criticize their child or even (BIGGER GASP) suggest an alternative form of improvement or studying. The teacher is the one with a degree in education here, not the parent!

6. Students Who Badger Teachers For Better Grades

There are some students who are able to work their way up from a C grade to a B grade through sheer force of will and of course, badgering the teacher for a better grade until the teacher gives in because he/she is so tired of arguing. Grades are not given through some arbitrary form of marking. They are given based on the what the student has written in the exam or assignment.

7. Asking to use the bathroom, even when they don’t need to

One of the biggest disruptors to a teachers flow of teaching is students repeatedly asking to go to the bathroom. It’s not like you can deny a request to go to the bathroom ( that’s a little inhumane and besides how can one gauge whether the student needs to use  the bathroom or not) but all the same it is frustrating when students troop in and out of class, jarring a teacher’s flow of thought.

8. “Group Work/Study”

The reason why this reason has been put in quotes because all teachers know what students mean when they ask to study in groups or work in groups. It’s just an excuse to for students to talk with the permission of the teacher. It’s not that a teacher minds students wanting to talk or have fun, but why not flat out ask for a free period, instead of asking under the guise of doing work and getting no work or studying done?

9. Students Who Are Disrespectful

Teachers don’t expect students to be obsequious or even bend over backwards with respect and humility. However, they do expect students to behave and extend at least a modicum of respect, not just to adults, but to even others students as well. A student who is consistently disrespectful not only disrupts the class but also frequently tests a teacher’s patience and limits.

10. Creative Excuses To Get Out Of Things

Be it for not turning in homework, not wanting to participate, not doing well on the assignment, creative excuses are not that funny when the child in question is using  them because he/she is unenthusiastic or lazy  or simply wanting to get out of work for the sheer fun of it. It is even more aggravating when the teacher knows that the child is capable and intelligent and being contrary for the sake of it. Cleverness and creativity do have their place in school, but not when it comes participating in class or turning in homework/assignments/exams  etc. Excuses are always funny until they aren’t.

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