“No Homework” Policy Debate: What do you think?

“No Homework” Policy Debate: What do you think?

Recently, the Nanjinger released an article about the fallout from the implementation of an Education Bureau policy that signifcantly reduces the homework load for primary, middle and high school students.

You can read the original article “No Homework Policy” by Education Bureau Enrages Nanjing Parents here.

Teacher’s House shared the article within our network and received a ton of feedback from teachers, overwhelmingly supporting the policy.

“Students here work (they don’t study, they work) 15 hours a day. Factory workers work less daily.”

“Hard to enforce. It doesn’t end up decreasing student workload, just moves it to private training centers.”

“I’m ok with homework but when my child gets up, eats, goes to school, comes home, does homework, eats, finishes homework then goes to bed, I know it’s counter productive. Most adults don’t work that hard, why should kids?”

“Homework here is almost always ‘busy work’, it’s just reciting what they learned that day. There’s never any homework that makes the kids think. And it’s never stuff that will see them apply what they learned.”

But along with support for the policy, teachers highlighted other issues that will arise from its implementation.

“Is it beneficial for students? Yes and no. I think they are doing homework policies wrongly and need to work on their homework infrastructure from the base. Start with the teacher and limit the amount of homework across all subjects.”

“If they change the homework policy, they need to change the testing policy as well.”

“Unless changes are made regarding university admission, it won’t work and parents will still load their kids down with work.”

“Good idea and a step in the right direction but won’t make a difference until there is a change in the culture around education and children.”

“If homework isn’t given by the school, it will be a training center. If it’s not a training center, it’ll be something online.”

As a platform supporting teachers here in China, Teacher’s House sees issues about homework regularly. Do we know how to fix the issue? No, but we support the Education Bureau in starting to address the larger issues at hand.

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