Top 10 Warm Up Activities for Online Classes

Top 10 Warm Up Activities for Online Classes

Struggling to start your online class in an fun and engaging way? Here’s our top 10 warm up activities.

1. Yes/No

Teacher chooses an item from previously taught content, students need to ask Yes or No questions to guess the item.

Example – teacher chooses an elephant, Is it an animal? Yes. Is it a pet? No.

2. Flashcard Challenge

There’s a little prep work needed for this game. Previously taught flashcards need to be split into two piles. One pile of cards need to have each picture partially covered. This is the “hard” pile, worth 5 points per card. The other pile is the “easy” pile, worth 1 point each.

Students are split into 2 teams and choose a flashcard from either pile. Correct answers means points awarded to the team.

3. Pictionary or Charades

These classic games are easy to play, lots of fun and very engaging.

4. Alphabet Relay

Teacher starts by calling out the first letter, students follow in order.  Can be played with multiple variations – phonics, numbers, spelling.

5. Hangman

Perfect to review keywords and spelling. Implement a 3 letter before you look at the book rule to encourage thinking and recall.

6. Bingo

Prior to class, send a set of mini flashcards to parents for students to print and cut out (students can draw if no printer available) During class, have students lay their mini cards onto a 3×3 or 4×4 grid. 

7. Going Shopping

Teacher starts with the sentence “I’m going shopping and I will buy …..” and lists a single item. Students then repeat the sentence, the teacher’s item and add their own. Each student in turn repeats the full list of items to be bought while going shopping. Variations that can be used include: “I’m Going on Holiday and Need to Pack…”, “I’m Going on a Picnic and will take…”, “I’m on a Sinking Ship and will save….”

8. Timed Boggle

This is a Word Search game without a list. Letters must touch to form a word and you can use diagonals but each letter tile can only be used once in each word. A simple internet search will give you a vast range of pre-made Boggle cards or you can make your own.  

My students receive 1 point for each correct word, 2 points for any word that nobody else has found and 5 points if they find a word that I haven’t found.

9. Word Snake

Teacher starts by giving a random word. Students must give a new word using the last letter in the teacher’s word. Students must create a snake of words by continuing to add a new word beginning with the last letter of the word before.

10. Total Recall

Teacher prepares a slide of random words and pictures. Students have 5 seconds to look at the slide and then write down as many items as they can remember. Each correctly remembered item is worth 1 point. Bonus points available if students can remember the color of each item or word as well.

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