Alison, Lynda and Eric will make you a better teacher!

Alison, Lynda and Eric will make you a better teacher!

Wait, what? How are three people I’ve never met going to make me a better teacher?

One of the keys to becoming and staying a great teacher is professional and personal development. We advocate to our students to be keep learning, keep finding new opportunities to learn but sadly, a lot of teachers don’t follow their own advice.  Achieving and maintaining a qualified/certified teacher status in your home country requires ongoing professional development. We owe it to our students and ourselves to continue this standard here in China.

Alison –

Alison is a free online education platform that mostly focuses on workplace-based skills. You can easily access courses published by universities such as Columbia, Cambridge and Yale as well as companies like Google and Microsoft.

Alison has 61 specific English courses on offer, all free, and some offer a diploma certification upon successful completion.

Struggling with grammar? Check out the Fundamentals of English Grammar course

Have a student wanting travel English? The Introduction to Business and Travel English Skills course may give you some ideas on what to cover.

Lynda –

Lynda is massive open online course (MOOC) website. It has been incorporated into LinkedIn Learning but still offers the same content. There is a free one-month trial before you need to pay but you can access their webinar content by searching and registering without logging in.

Lynda is a great place to update your soft skills. Time management, leadership skills, presentation skills are all covered.

The webinar on how educators are using mobile devices to engage students and improve learning outcomes offered some key points on how we can use technology tour advantage.

Eric –

Eric is the Education Resources Information Center, an online library of education research and information sponsored by the US Department of Education.

Eric is a little stodgy and old school and filled with peer reviewed research articles but there are some gems if you dig around a bit.

I found guides on how to use picture books with students above Grade 4, using foreign films to engage reluctant readers and multisensory activities for pre-schoolers.

Professional and personal development is the only way to continue improving yourself as a teacher. There are many ways to do this, these resources offer you a few options.

We would love to hear what you do for your professional development.

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