Save your Face this Summer!

Reading Time: 3 minutes ​This summer, no matter if you’re stuck in the trenches of a summer camp, you’ve managed to escape to the beach, or heading back home to see family and friends, you won’t be able to run from the sun! At Teachers House we want you to have the products you need in the classroom, but also remember […]

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GREAT savings on Winter Deals for TeacherTreats!

Reading Time: 2 minutes ​Here are some great Winter Deals from some of our wonderful friends: First up. The Green Room! 100% Natural Skincare; because reading/trusting some Chinese brands from the super market is a gamble!  Learn more about them at And scan their QR to talk directly to them! (Let them know we sent you!) And once you’ve […]

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Dear Teachers…Love, Fon

Reading Time: 2 minutes ​Teachers. The foundation of societies. The backbone of the world. Those who teach us how to communicate, how to work with others, show us how to live.  Teachers mold young minds and ultimately shape the world.  After a day of giving their all to their students they deserve a chance to rest. It is a […]

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[Special Offer] TeacherTreats: BAGELS!!!!!!

Reading Time: 2 minutes ​At TeachersHouse we focus on bringing you content that helps you become a better teacher. Such as: Using Stories in your Classroom Classroom Management Tips Cheapest Classroom Tool Ever! [ESL Science Lesson Plans] Volcanoes are AWESOME! BUT We haven’t forgotten about you as a person. We care about your well-being and happiness! Sometimes when you’re […]

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Happy Teacher, Happy Students!

Reading Time: 4 minutes One of the hardest parts about being a teacher in China is not the students, not the parents, and not even the crazy administration. It’s learning how to maintain your sanity and peace of mind while surrounded by frustrating situations. When you were in your home country, maybe you had some problems in life, we […]

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