Who knew it was so hard to get a package! [Chinese Lesson]

Reading Time: 2 minutes ​Who knew it was so hard to get a package? Speaking Chinese will make it easier. EC teaches the kind of Chinese you can actually use right away in your everyday life, the stuff I wish I’d learned when he first moved here.  But once you’ve mastered the skill of getting packages to your house, everything […]

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Your package arrives but you’re not home? (Chinese Lesson)

Reading Time: 2 minutes ​The Package guy calls. In the last lesson we learned how to figure out who was calling.  Click here to review: The Package Guy Calls Part 1  Now, How do you tell him to leave it by your door? In this awesome 1 minute episode, we will learn just that! Elemetary Chinese teaches the kind […]

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Your package has arrived. The phone rings and… uh oh!

Reading Time: 3 minutes ​It’s probably the delivery guy. But he’s babbling Chinese at you super fast. You hang up. He calls back. Your package has arrived, but if you don’t pick it up in time, it might get sent back. Or he might leave it outside in the rain. OR it might get put in one of those […]

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