[VIDEO] The Secret to Teaching in China (from TeamTeacherChina)

Reading Time: < 1 minute ​ABOUT US #TeamTeacherChina #老师队中国 We are married English teachers in Shenzhen 深圳, China 中国. 我们是一对夫妇在深圳中国教书。 We produce resources for teaching English (ESL), living and raising a family in China. 这个网站有我们教英语,我们的生活,还有我们家庭的成长在中国 Want more from Team Teacher China? Click below!!! TeamTeacherChina

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Classroom Management – Making students LISTEN!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Compliance is basically having students do what you tell them to do, but how do you achieve that? You build it. My first few classes with new students will always start with teaching classroom commands/rules. Remember it’s good to post rules where students can see them,  and to add pictures if they’re not reading yet. […]

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Free Resources for ESL Teachers in China!

Reading Time: 2 minutes ​www.TeamTeacherChina.com They have a great website full of lots of great files and videos and info! Check them out! They are a valueable resource for anyone living and teaching in China. Visit their website today and check out their great videos. (VPN needed) Check out this video:  How to plan a lesson for a Chinese public […]

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