• Erasers

    • 10 Pcs for each order
    • Size: small/ med /big
    Small ---1.8cm*2.7cm*0.9cm Med   ---2.2cm*3.3cm*1.2cm Big    ---2.5cm*3.8cm*1.6cm

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  • Double Sided Tape
    Double Sided Tape

    • 5 Pcs for each order
    • 10M for each roll
    • Size: 10mm/15mm/20mm

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  • Pom Pom Set
    Pom Pom Set

    • Default order is 60 Pcs with mixed color and mixed size
    • Please contact us if you need specific color/ number/ size

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  • Double Sided Permanent Markers
    Double Sided Permanent Markers

    • 10 pcs in each order

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Charity Partners


Sometimes we attend events, other times we donate prizes. We also have a WeChat group where we send useful PDFs and ask for donations. That money goes to fund a library! So far we have raised  towards our  target! That’s  of the total! UPDATED: 6/9/2019 Download the XLS: Our Goal = 34,734RMB Last Year’s Events & […]
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