Thanks for you interest in working with TeachersHouse network.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Creating a stronger sense of community
  • Managing rules
  • Finding and sharing content

This position is a paid role. The estimated time spent would be 1-2 hours per day. Pay depends on which type of group you lead.

We are looking for people who are:

Self-motivated, Outgoing, Positive, Friendly, Tolerant, Well-spoken, Patient, Knowledgeable about WeChat and their group’s subject/topic.

Wants to make a better place for any teacher that needs help in the classroom or living in China!

More details about duties:

Send the rules – in an active group, this may happen more frequently. OR they can be sent after new members enter.

Promote the network – We do this in several ways.

  1. Send a graphic with our network introduction.
  2. Share links/articles from our official account and website.
  3. Recommend products/services from TeachersHouse and our partners.
  4. Remind members to add friends.

Build the community – We encourage people to share more content by doing the following:

  1. Getting to know the members on a first name basis
  2. Asking questions related to your group topic to get the conversation started.
  3. Help answer questions, if no one else can/does
  4. Directing people to the right place to find answers.

Curating Content – finding awesome stuff for our members to enjoy and learn from!

  1. Summarizing questions/topics from your group so that our writing team has current hot topics to inspire them!
  2. Finding materials from outside the network to share.
  3. Collecting what other members share and adding it to our resource directory.

If you think this is the job for you, please add my wechat ID TeachersHouse and let me know!

Tips for Admins:

Removing members: We usually give people the benefit of the doubt. We assume that people are human and have stressful days in China. We will give people second chances if they “accidentally” break the rules, as long as they have a good attitude about it.

  • Take a screenshot of the offense (for proof later)
  • Add them privately (if needed) and discuss the problem
  • Remove them (if they have not stopped the offense or if their attiude gets nasty)
  • let the other admins know so we can look out in other groups

Ways to Re-direct an off-topic conversation:

  1. send the rules reminder
  2. relating the current topic BACK to the main topic
  3. remind them there is a more relevant group for that topic
  4. if it’s a debate/convo between only 2 people then request they add each other and continue

Re-adding members:(if it was “an honest mistake” or their attitude seems ok and they were an active member previous to the offense, they can be allowed to return ONCE) Put a symbol by their name or tag, or make a note.

Remember: Unhappy people or people who feel they’ve been mistakenly removed or wronged will be very vocal in other groups and seek to destroy our community. To avoid as many bad vibes as possible, please seek to understand what caused the “problem” not just “boot out assholes”

Note about TROLLs: I do not want any group leader to deal with disrespect either. So if someone deliberately broke the rules, used rude language, incited others, made racist comments, please don’t hesitate to remove them first and ask questions later.

I trust your judgement of the situation. But always speak in kind and patient tones, without sarcasm, in public when reminding people of rules and explaining why the person was removed. If you made a mistake in removing someone, apologize publicly as well.