All Aboard Reading Book Set


All Aboard Reading 12 Book set


Great book series of 12 books, each book has words at the back, you can cut it out and play games. The front is the picture and the back is the word.

The Picture readers series are selected from stories that children love and relate.

Such as DON'T WAKE THE BABY! Easy to attract children's attention.

Picture readers series are pictorial enlightening English books, human memory characteristics (especially babies) It's easier to remember images. (Nouns such as people, animals, and tools appear in books. ) Pictures are used to express the images and to enhance the reader's comprehension of the words.

All Aboard Reading Stage 1 includes the following:

1. Silly Willy Love and Humor

2.pig out the fun

3.losts of hearts care

4.Picky nicky's Basic Knowledge of Nutritious Food

5. otto the cat

6. Don' t wake the baby Caring, love, brotherhood

7.The big snowball

8.benny's big bubble Adventure

9. The Little Engine that Could: Helps Out The courage to try again

10.Is that you,santa?

11.Too noisy!

12. In a dark, dark house
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