Bottle Caps (100pcs)


  • 100 caps
  • Different Colors Available
  • Mixed Color Set Available
  • Amazing resource for learning!
  • 30mm x 32mm x 17mm
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1 review for Bottle Caps (100pcs)

  1. Aunt Elsa (store manager)

    From a customer:

    I had an inspiration one day in my ESL classes for kids, for listening practice and reinforcing the names of colours.
    I would place 8 bottle caps of different colours in front of each team, and then call out four colours in quick succession, eg. “yellow pink black green” and the kids would have to choose those colours and place them in a line in the exact same sequence… The teams would race to be the first to get the right colours in the right sequence. Excellent listening practice and the kids liked it so much, they begged me to play it every lesson after that!

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