Evan Moore Skill Sharpeners Grade 1 workbooks 6 book set


Set of 6 workbooks, designed to be an add on to an existing curriculum. Use as a base for lesson plans, assign as homework or extra activities for fast finishers.

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Set of 6 workbooks, designed to be an add on to an existing curriculum. Use as a base for lesson plans, assign as homework or extra activities for fast finishers.

Reading – The Skill Sharpeners: Reading series contains engaging full-color stories followed by activity pages that cover a variety of reading skills. Colorful illustrations and activity pages are bright and cheery; stories are fun and cross genres. Through reading, children will learn about recalling story details, sequencing events, predicting outcomes, reading with expression, reading with accuracy, using picture clues, understanding word meanings, blending words, writing creatively, categorizing, and more. 144 reproducible pages,

Spell and Write – It has been proven that children benefit immensely when parents take an active role in their education. Skill Sharpeners Spell & Write provides grade-specific practice designed to keep written language skills sharp

Math – Designed to be take-home activities for parents to do with their children, these worksheets reinforce 1st grade math skills, such as patterns, computation, fractions, skip counting, time, test practice and more. Engaging full color illustrations and fun problems prevent the boredom that can come with repetitive drills. For 1st Grade. 144 pages with answers in the back.

Science – Opportunities to tie science to home and everyday life are everywhere! Skill Sharpeners: Science provides hands-on experiences and activities that connect children’s real-world experiences to science concepts and vocabulary. Each full-color worksheet lists skills taught, as well as a “concept” or “skill” note that explains the primary point of each worksheet. Written activity worksheets and hands-on activities are included.

Geography – Help your students practice geography skills with this Skill Sharpeners Geography, Grade 1 from Evan-Moor. Students will learn about geography through activities that include map skills, places, regions, continents, oceans, habitats and more. 144 classroom-reproducible pages, paperback. Answer key included. Grade 1.

Critical Thinking- The Evan-Moor Skill Sharpeners: Critical Thinking series features engaging full-color exercises across four different themes. In this grade 1 workbook, students will enjoy exercises about the animal kingdom, time, technology, and places. “Read All About it” pages provide content for children to read for the theme-based activities that follow. “Tell What you Know” activities provide opportunities for children to connect their knowledge and opinions to a topic. “Critical Thinking Activities” are designed to give kids opportunities to engage in application, analytical, synthesis, and evaluative tasks, and then art projects and hands-on activities let children integrate critical thinking skills with art skills. 144 reproducible pages, softcover. Answer key included with reduced full-color student pages with the correct answers overlaid. Grade 1.



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