Greetings Posters


2 headings - Good Morning/Good Afternoon - 26.5*10cm

8 greetings - 10cm

handmade, not factory-made.

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Don't have a nice TA to help you order supplies or help you make cool teaching stuff?

Save time and hassle with these already printed/laminated, ready-to-go posters!

Why Are Morning Meeting Greetings Important?

One thing we need to always be aware of is that many of our students come to school to feel loved, to feel safe, and to feel like they belong to something.  And they need and deserve to know that they matter.  So many of our students come from homes and experiences that can be scary, stressful, and chaotic.  And the hard truth is that many of our kids don’t feel valued.  That is why the greeting is so powerful.

The purpose of the morning meeting greeting is to let our students know that we see them, we hear them, and they belong to something important.  The morning meeting greetings are fun but what they say to our students is that you are here and you are a part of this family.  The power of that one simple exchange cannot be understated. 
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