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Do you wish first reading could be funnier? And cheekier? Henry thought so too. So he made these short books. They all have colour pictures. And mighty naughtiness! We all love Henry’s wickedly funny stories. But the full-length books can be tough if you’re just starting to read on your own. Henry didn’t want you smaller readers to miss out on the naughty fun. So these books are what he came up with. Great colour pictures by Tony Ross, with loads of brand new art. And one screamingly funny story in each book – not too long and not too short. Super reading practice for all you tinier terrors.

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For young readers who can’t get enough of Henry and his hilarious antics, this fantastic Early Reader collection of twenty five super stories is great for getting beginners hooked on the naughtiest boy in literature! The big type and colourful illustrations in each specially-designed Early Reader book will help youngsters discover a whole world of independent reading and provide a satisfying transition for schoolchildren as they move on from picture books to full-length chapter books. Francesca Simon’s comical stories combined with Tony Ross’s lively illustrations will be sure to make children excited to work their way through this great-value collection.
◆Don’t Be Horrid, Henry!
◆Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party
◆Horrid Henry’s Holiday
◆Horrid Henry’s Underpants
◆Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick
◆Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret
◆Horrid Henry’s Nits
◆Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend
◆Horrid Henry’s Thank You Letter
◆Horrid Henry Reads a Book
◆Horrid Henry’s Car Journey
◆Moody Margaret’s School
◆Horrid Henry’s Rainy Day
◆Horrid Henry Meets the Queen
◆Horrid Henry’s Sports Day
◆Moody Margaret Casts a Spell
◆Horrid Henry’s Christmas Present
◆Moody Margaret’s Makeover
◆Horrid Henry’s Sleepover
◆Horrid Henry’s Wedding
◆Horrid Henry’s Haunted House
◆Horrid Henry’s Christmas Lunch
◆Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter
◆Horrid Henry’s Christmas Play
◆Horrid Henry’s Author Visit

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