Life-Hack Chinese Flashcards



At Jamie’s Mandarin, we understand how stressful life can be at times due to language barriers. Here are 30 life-hack-Chinese flashcards with audios we selected for you to learn useful Chinese phrases for dealing with the following common scenarios such as eating out, asking for direction, politely asking people to not photograph you without your permission as well as useful phrases for vegans/vegetarians. Additionally, Fun Chinese slang such as “manman lai(step by step)”, “mama-huhu (means so-so)”, “mei-banfa没办法”. And insightful cultural stories such as the Moon goddess 嫦娥(chang”e).

By learning one card a day from the audios* in 30 days, you will know the Chinese that is most likely needed, and perhaps make a better connection with your local friends and business partners.

* All of the audios are free to download here

You are welcome to download and share the audios but please respect the copyright by mentioning "Jamie's Mandarin School".  

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